5 Plays: Darron Lee, Ohio State

March 13, 2016 0

Two weeks ago Darron Lee blew up the combine.  In an extremely unathletic draft class overall, Lee was one of few who stood out.  Rightfully, Indianapolis is when his draft […]

The (Not So) Curious Case of Bud Dupree

March 4, 2016 0

Writing the Pressure Production profiles for the 2o15 rookie class of EDGE rushers has become, to an extent, repetitive.  Not necessarily in a bad way.  I still very much enjoy […]

5 Plays: Tyler Boyd, Pittsburgh

February 15, 2016 0

Wide receiver is the least valuable position to NFL teams in terms of draft capital. Plain and simple. With the abundance of talented receivers coming into the league ever year, […]

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