Trevone Boykin’s Top 5 Throws of 2015

There has been plenty of talk about moving Trevone Boykin to wide receiver. He certainly looks like he could, but he is a good quarterback who has more than enough ability to stick at that position in the NFL. Players who aren’t meant to play quarterback don’t make the insane throws as often Boykin does. Speaking of those insane throws, let’s look at five of his best throws from last season.

*Throws are in no particular order*



You have to feel bad for the safety. This guy already has to help cover two routes at once; that’s hard enough. Then Boykin drops a dime directly into the receiver’s bread basket from 25 yards out- on 3rd-and-12, no less. This poor safety didn’t have a chance at making the play, even with help (very loose use of that word) from his teammates. You can’t defend a perfect pass.



I’m not going to pretend to know what is going on here. I’m not sure anyone knew what was going on here. Boykin saw the play crumbling in front of him and knew he had to get out of the pocket. Unfortunately, a K-State defender followed him, but the Boyking planned on getting the ball out anyway. Much like we saw Vernon Adams do, Boykin found a way to get the ball out to a teammate. As ugly and irresponsible as the play appeared to be, TCU ended up with a 20 yard gain after nearly losing a few yards instead.



Boykin’s deep throws are so pretty. Here, Boykin continues to separate himself from the chaos while simultaneously keeping his shoulders squared to make the throw. What is most impressive, though, is there seems to be a smooth improvisational element here. The play looks to be a Run-Pass Option with a slant as the pass option, but defenders littered the area where the throw needed to be. Boykin and his receiver immediately got on the same page and knew the play had to go deep. About 40 yards later, the TCU receiver got a shot at a ball placed well over a few defenders.



Boykin is always wildin’. He knows what he is doing, though. He isn’t trying to run the ball here, he’s trying to get away from a sack. How the defense was not able to bring down the slippery bastard, I dont know, but they didn’t. Once he gets free, Boykin looks up and tries to find an open throw somewhere, anywhere. To have the control, athleticism, intelligence, confidence and arm to complete this play is incredibly impressive.



45 yards over three defenders and just short of the boundary. There is absolutely no margin for error. If there’s ever been a question about Boykin’s arm talent, this play easily silences that. There are very few quarterbacks at any level of football who replicate this throw. This sort of placement is so rare to see.