NFL Betting Guide

The NFL is a real show, pure drama, where young academics can be turned into instant millionaires overnight, and NFL teams can be turned into potential Super Bowl candidates. Of course, things don't always go well, and poor selection can lead to the general managers finding themselves out of work and the clubs facing years of disappointment.

Whether you are brand new in NFL and you have never bet on football or you just need more specific facts well-explained NFL playoff series, Play Market Mentality can be your guide to help you understand the odds.

You need to be patient and self-controlled, and in the end, maybe you will reach the biggest upsets and betting odds will make you a millionaire if you place your bet in some of the best online casinos. You should definitely have a long term sensibility, especially if you take betting seriously, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Here we can offer you a list of useful tips, so you can easily earn real money from sports betting:

Tip 1: Learn more about the main rules of American Football Do not expect to win the bets on American football very often, if you don’t know it works and a minimum number of rules about the sport.

Tip 2: Try to understand the organization of the NFL, the American football championship. The NFL is the largest and the most publicized league in the world, but before placing a bet on the NFL, it is better to improve how it operates, with its 3 distinct stages – regular league, playoffs phase, and Super Bowl.

Tip 3: Take advantage of the NFL's early regular-season value bets The regular American football season is short, lasting 17 weeks from the beginning of September to the end of December. Don't miss the first matches in which may appear surprises. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bet on outsiders who are going to kick the bucket from the start, usually to get back in line later in the season!

Tip 4: Bet more often on outsiders than on favorites American football is the most popular sport in the United States and has a significant stake in it. As a result of a training effect, these bets tend to focus more frequently on the favorite teams. Know how to get out of the lot, by selecting outsiders carrying potential value bets.

Tip 5: Take the statistics into account Some gamblers swear and act only when statistics are taken into account, and that is all! We do not think that this is the right solution, even though the stats must figure prominently in the criteria to be taken into account before betting on American football.

Tip: 6 Take into account the geographical location of the matches and the weather conditions The United States is a vast country with 50 states with a very diverse climate. In a game, the quality of the passes can change very quickly (and have a determining effect on the bet ‘total score’ for example) if rain or snow suddenly fall. Besides, as the season gets more profound in the winter, the franchises near the Canadian border will have an advantage over the southern teams. You will understand in these conditions that taking into account the weather is not a luxury, on the contrary. It can be determined on the outcome of your bets! Pay particular attention to these end-of-season matches with teams that are not at the top of their division and that are fighting to hang the wild card: if it is a team from Florida, Texas or New Orleans that meets a North franchise, it will have the most significant difficulty to qualify for the playoffs.

Tip 7: Don't miss the Super Bowl for anything The highlight of the football season in the US is, of course, the very popular and very media-driven Super Bowl, an event attended by millions of people every year in the four corners of the world and on which the bets go well. Finally, as the American football season is abridged (4 and a half months), with the Super Bowl at the beginning of February, you will have to wait until September to be able to bet again on an NFL game. So don't miss the Super Bowl, one of the most real games to bet on!

It is tough to make a living from gambling, but you’ve got nothing to lose if you try, maybe you will be the next one becoming a millionaire with sports investment, don’t dream about being born under a lucky star, and all of a sudden you are going to win the lottery. Hard work is essential, assuming you want to become successful in sports betting.

Best of luck!

Anthony Chiado

Anthony Chiado

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Anthony Chiado